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FamilySurvivalPlanning.com offers well-priced advertising options to targeted visitors. This site offers an exclusive opportunity to increase your business in your sector of the emergency preparedness and survival industry.

Advertise and sell directly to your "target market" with a link (text or banner) to your site.

Why Advertise With FamilySurvivalPlanning.com?

FamilySurvivalPlanning.com reaches your Customer when they are ready to buy. Our visitors generally come to FamilySurvivalPlanning.com to learn more about survival products and are looking for tips and recommendations on what products to buy, how to package food storage, and how to afford an extra expense.

These are exactly the visitors that you want. And you may reach them exclusively, giving you a strong edge over your direct competition.

About 90% percent of my readers are from the United States. A smaller percentage are divided among Canada, Great Britain, Australia while the rest are world wide. My readers are fairly evenly split (55% men, 45% women) mostly in the 40 to 65 age group.

These are highly-targeted customers - the self reliant type who are mostly ordinary people with a keen sense of the possibility of inflation/deflation, food shortages, economic uncertainty, unemployment, and natural disasters.

Family Survival Planning Stats

Recent stats show between 60,000 and 100,000 page views per day. Most of our site traffic and exposure comes from our opt-in newsletter, FaceBook, Pinterest, and Twitter pages, and search engines.

Terms and Conditions

  • We reserve the right to decline any sponsorship we feel would not fit our site.
  • If, at any time, you are not satisfied, we will refund the balance of your payment and remove your ad.

Types of Sponsorships

  • Site Sponsor - Ads are placed on most of Family Survival Planning pages and offers the highest view rates available on the site.
  • Sponsor an issue of our newsletter. Our newsletter goes out weekly (or more often) to opt-in subscribers.
  • Your choice of page(s): Advertise on one or many pages (except the Home page) with either text links or banners.
  • Have another idea or request? Let's talk.

Sponsorship Opportunities and Rates

FamilySurvivalPlanning.com only accepts a limited number of sponsors on an exclusive basis in each category (ex., food storage, survival gear, disaster preparedness, frugal living, etc.). You must truly have an excellent product or service. We will only work with a company that carries quality survival-type products and results in visitors having a successful experience.

FamilySurvivalPlanning.com can give you the persistent, repetitive, and positive exposure that you are looking for. I am seeking quality partners who want to sponsor this site and create a win-win relationship.

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