Black Friday /
Cyber Monday Deals

Add to Your Survival Supplies at Great Discounts!

You know the best deals on everything come on Black Friday and Cyber Monday - and they're here!

Personally, I never go out shopping on Black Friday as I really hate the crowds, both on the road and in the stores. Mostly, I do all my holiday shopping online so these deals are not going to pass me by. How about you?

I have listed below as many great deals as I can find. I suggest you make a list of things you need (on sale or not) and then check each site to see if the items you need are on sale this weekend. 

Happy easy shopping!

Valley Food Storage

Holiday Sale! 25% Off Sitewide

Valley Food Sstorage
  • Food Storage
  • Case Sales
  • Water Supplies
  • Emergency Supplies

Emergency Essentials

Emergency Essentials is having an awesome sale!

You'll notice the first item listed (below) is a Pre-Black Friday Deal. You'll have to hurry to get in on this one as it starts now.

Last Day For Pre-Black Friday Deals! Save Up to 58% Before Time Runs Out

If you're inclined to shop on Thanksgiving Day, there's a special sale for that too.

Thanksgiving Day Savings on Survival Turkey Pails. 37% Off Turkey Feast Pail!

(These are not full of turkey as it sounds - they are a bucket of full meals.)

Then hit Black Friday running with these bargains:

BLACK FRIDAY DOORBUSTERS! Up to 57% Off. Hurry While Supplies Last!

Get Meat Combos at Up to 51% Off! Hurry While Supplies Last!

Buy a 30-Day 1-Person Emergency Food Kit Get a UV Purifier and 115-Hour Candle Free (A $74.95 Value)

Save Up to 63% Off Select Emergency Meals!

Don't stop yet - it's Cyber Monday!

CYBER MONDAY DEALS! Doorbusters for Cyber Monday Up to 58% Off!

Extended Cyber Monday Deals! Save Up to 52% Off Time-Limited Deals.

Survival Frog

Funny name, yes, but great survival equipment. They tend to have items you may not be able to find anywhere else. See for yourself.

25% Off Sitewide Black Friday Sale At Survival Frog Until 11/25.
Free Shipping On Orders Over $50.
Promo Code BF25OFF At
Coupon Code: BF25OFF

Solo Stove

Solo Stove

Solo Stoves are the most unique camping/emergency stove on the market. They come in different sizes - all the way from backpacking size to outdoor fireplace size.

And this sale? Wow! It's a BOGO - yes, buy one, get one free. No coupon code needed - the free stove will be added on at checkout.

Could it get any simpler?

#1 Best Selling Wood Burning Stove - Buy Now!

3V Gear

Black Friday/Cyber Monday - November 19th - 26th

Buy a Coyote Tan Paratus, get:
FREE Tech Pouch
FREE Tactical Military Shemagh
FREE "Get Sh*t Done Patch"

Buy a Coyote Tan or Olive Drab Velox II, get:
FREE Martel Buddyblinder Headlamp
FREE Large Medic Pouch
FREE Molon Labe Patch

Buy any Posse Sling Pack, get:
FREE Shadow Shot Pistol Holster
FREE Murse Patch

Buy a Subrosa, Get:
FREE 15L Nautilus Waterproof Dry Bag
FREE Cold Weather Beanie

Buy a Shift Sling Pack, get:
FREE Sentinel Padded Camera Insert
FREE Credit Card Multi-tool

Plus, MORE Bonus Deals
40% off Apparel
20% off Molle Pouches
20% off Hydroblu

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