Candy Storage

I would like to store away candy. What stores best Should it be vacuum packed and Mylar bagged and how long will it still be good?


Just like sugar (because candy is mostly sugar), most kinds will last indefinitely. The harder the candy with little or no fat will last the longest and taste the best.

Even chocolate will last for years. Even though it may get a white coating on it, it is still okay to eat it.

Types that are moist or gooey such as gummy bears, marshmallow types (Peeps) may last quite a while but will eventually get hard, but they'll still be edible. Hard candies like Jolly Rancher will last forever.

Basically, any candy that does not contain fat or oil will store indefinitely. You could vacuum pack if you want (like sugar - don't use O2 absorbers) but I don't think it's necessary. Just make sure to pack it to keep out bugs or mice who may be attracted to the smell.

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