Concerns about increasing world tensions

by Carl
(Little Rock, AR USA)

1) I believe that any world war would have an almost immediate impact on my family. As a family on a fixed income: military retirement, VA disability, social security, I can see the government severely reducing or eliminating benefits. Concurrently, I suspect that inflation and rising costs of almost everything will create additional hardships.

2) As stated above, the economic aspects will land on everyone. Assuming that the conflict is being fought overseas, world war III would cause the draft to be activated decreasing the labor force as well as rationing of virtually all consumer items so the resources may be directed to support the war effort. If the war were to become nuclear, with strikes against major US cities - all bets are off. Everyone that survives will be thrust into a daily survival effort. Government assistance and services, if any, would be slow and largely inadequate to meet the overwhelming demands of the remaining population. The entire country, regardless of economic status, will be subject to shortages, absence of leadership and tremendous security issues.

3)I believe that the US will no longer enjoy the security of a country separated from the rest of the world by oceans. In past wars we have been able to basically sit it out regarding war's destruction, we will no longer have that luxury.

4)I would expect there to be shortages of virtually everything - food, fuel, energy, security etc. The shortages will begin almost immediately as our population learns the hard truth about not being prepared for self-survival. Shortages will begin with food and fuels and escalate to almost all aspects of our life in fairly quick order.

5) The problem is that we can't prepare for all potential considerations - there's simply too many. What we do is to direct our efforts towards prepping in general - initial efforts are for food, medical, security, and what I call luxury. The greatest problem is the reality that everything we have is finite. At some point, you'll eat your last can of beans, snuff out your last candle and fire your last round of ammunition. Consequently, we are beginning to direct preps to what will be needed after year one e.g. seeds, archery equipment, survival crafts, etc.

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Concerns about increasing world tensions
by: Joan

Great response! Thanks for your input.

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