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  1. Shop Emergency Cooking Equipment

    Shop Emergency Cooking Equipment

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  2. How to Light Your Home When the Grid Goes Down

    Emergency lighting: Have you ever spent a night in your city when ALL the lights were out? Kind of eerie, isn't it? There are many options available - emergency flashlight, solar lantern, emergency ca…

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  3. How to Dehydrate Your Own Foods For Just-Add-Water Meals

    Dehydrating food at home is a great way to preserve fruits and vegetables and even make your own jerky. Dehydrating foods at home can be a fun and rewarding skill. Save money by buying fruits and vege…

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  4. Thermos Cooking is a Practical Preparedness Tool

    A common, everyday thermos bottle or jug is actually a unique piece of emergency preparedness equipment that can turn otherwise difficult-to-prepare storage foods into breakfast, lunch or dinner in an…

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  5. Calories vs Servings Controversy

    Are you as confused as I am over the calories vs servings controversy in long term survival foods? Some say you shouldn't buy this or that because the calorie to serving ratio means not enough calorie…

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  6. Safe Food Storage - Long Term

    Safe food storage - How to keep your food storage safe enough to eat in 25 years.

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  7. Survival Kits For Children

    What to Put in a Child's Survival Kit. Children can carry their bag if it is an appropriate weight.

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  8. Comfort Foods for Food Storage

    Comfort foods are not necessary but may be comforting during stressful times. And why have them? Comfort foods are basically 'treats' that you usually give to your children after school, to tie them o…

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