First In First Out

by Niall Greenan

The problem I see when people store food in large containers and they start to use this and half way down they buy more food and do not clean out the container and place new food on top of the old. Is there a better container out there that lets you take from the bottom first, so it first in first out?


Not that I'm aware of, but if a person knows they are going to use it instead of storing it for future use, then it might be best to buy in smaller quantities, like #10 cans.

That said, we buy 50 pounds of oats at a time. It fills two 5 gallon buckets. We put the lids on tight but they are not sealed, nor are there any oxygen absorbers in them. We use the oats on a regular basis, filling a smaller container from the buckets and keep it handy in the kitchen.

It keeps for months down in the basement where it is cool and dark without being sealed for long term storage. Most grains can be stored like this - as long as it's being used often.

We make sure when we buy a new bag of oats that we never put new oats on top of the old.

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