Mylar bags/oxygen absorbers/desiccants

by Lynda

I've been storing rice, oats, pasta, grains, flour etc. in Mylar bags with oxygen absorbers. We live in Houston(high humidity and temperatures). My question is, should I be using desiccants as well as 02 absorbers?

Also, some of the bags of the same product are tightening very well, while others are not. Do I need to re-package those that haven't for a longer shelf life?
Thank you!


Yes and yes.

You are at a definite disadvantage living in a humid area, so desiccants are a good idea for your storage.

Yes, you should reseal any Mylar bags that are not tightening. Did you use enough O2s? You can never use too many. Were the O2s definitely active (pink in color)? Did the bags seal completely? One of these happened.

So just to make sure to protect the shelf life of your food, throw in some new O2s, desiccants, and reseal the Mylar.

Good luck this time around.


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mylar bags / 02 absorbers / desiccants
by: Anonymous

Thank you for your timely response! I used three 02 absorbers for a gallon sized mylar bag, which should have worked. I didn't find an indicator on the absorbers, but some were warming up where others weren't so much.

I had heard that sometimes 02 absorbers cancel the desiccants and it is hard to find much information on using desiccants. I think in this climate it makes good sense to use them.

The mylar bags were definitely sealed well. I will re-package those in question, but should I be re-packaging all with desiccant, or just those that didn't tighten properly?

I really appreciate the advise. I'm new to all of this. Thank you!

I hadn't heard about O2s canceling out desiccants. It would surprise me if that is true because they do different things.

I'm not experienced in storing food in a humid climate as I've always lived in Utah or Colorado - both are very dry.

I'm going to do a bit of research and see if I can find a better answer for you - to both of your issues, humidity and desiccants.

Hang in there - you're on the right track. At least you're willing to learn. :D

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