Peas Corn Grow and Store

by Robyn

I wanted to grow some peas and corn in my yard. I want to be able to harvest them and store them long term. Would peas and corn last long in Mylar bags and oxygen absorbers? Or is it a waste of time? I was going to grow beans to since I know those store well.


The only methods you can use to store all vegetables is to can/bottle, freeze, or dehydrate them.

If you can them, you will need a pressure canner. If you freeze them, which is really the easiest way, you must blanch them and then freeze.

In order to pack them in Mylar bags with O2 absorbers, you will first need to dehydrate them.

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Your photo
by: Anonymous

Your photo is of different lettuces not peas and corn. However I do agree with your reply on how to store peas and corn.


You are correct - I just needed a picture and figured a picture of a garden - any garden (that I already had) would suffice. :)

Using Hand Warmers for O2 Packets
by: Anonymous

I have seen a YouTube presentation that advocates using Hand Warmers in the same regard as you would use O2 packets. Can I get the same results that I would get using O2 packets?


No, and here's why: O2 absorbers remove 99.8% of the oxygen. Hand warmers do not remove that much of the oxygen. The problem is that bacteria, mold and even insects can thrive in some amazingly low O2 environments. It's when you can get the O2 level down to fractions of a percent that your food is really protected.

I'm not willing to trust that hand warmers will remove enough of the oxygen to protect my food. oxygen absorbers are not expensive (about $12.99 for 50 packets). Seems the last time I checked hand warmers, they cost too much to even consider.

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