The Complete
Book of Prepping Lists

Are you struggling to prepare your family for any possible crisis? Have you ever thought to yourself, "If I only had a list, I could really wrap my head around all this prepper stuff."

Wondering where to begin and deciding where to best expend your energy — and money? The Complete Book of Prepping Lists approaches these issues from a practical point of view.

I needed lists to organize my thinking about my preparations. Other readers have asked for them also. Having lists to follow (even if you need to adjust them to your own needs) gives you a starting point, the ability to cross off what you have or what you just purchased. Seeing the results of your preps on paper gives a sense of accomplishment as well as peace of mind as your supplies grow.

Take a list or part of a list each week and make that your "preparation task" for the week. Set aside a specific amount of water or purchase a certain amount of extra food. Drop all your change into a bottle to grow your stash of cash for emergencies.

If you live in an area with seasons, like real winters, start on those lists that pertain to warmth and light. If you're most worried about having enough food, start on those lists first.

If you diligently attack a list or part of a list each week, by the end of the book you will be a seasoned prepper and fully stocked to withstand emergencies lasting three months — or more.

Follow each list in The Complete Book of Prepping Lists for results that will let you sleep peacefully every night. 

You will find:

  • Emergency Pack Lists for Each Person, Home, and Auto
  • Must-Have Three-Month Pantry Items List
  • Long Term Foods and Shelf Life You Need to Know
  • Cooking and Fuel Lists to Provide Your Family With a Hot Meal Everyday
  • Lights! Being in The Dark Can Be Scary To Young Children
  • Communication: Do You Know Where Your Family Is and How To Find Them?
  • Heat and Warmth Lists: When Ole' Man Winter Comes Calling, You'll Be Prepared
  • Prep Your Whole House Emergency Checklists
  • Tools and Supplies You Can't Do Without
  • Good Sanitation and Hygiene Lists to Help Prevent Illnesses
  • Bartering: Back Ups of Back Ups You Can Trade
  • Financial Survival Matters Nearly As Much As Food
  • Disasters: Which Ones Don't Come With a Wake Up Call
  • Reasons Why "Bugging In" May Be the Best Idea.
  • And MORE...

Even if you're well into prepping, chances are you'll find a few items you may have missed in your planning.

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