Water Storage Basics

Water Storage Basics

Although water covers 70% of the earth, only a small percentage is potable water for drinking and everyday use.

In an emergency situation, we need to know where to find water. Without it — we will die.

Learn where to find potable water in your home and in the wild, how to store it, and how to purify it. 

Invest in emergency food storage now and enjoy peace of mind for the next 25 years. Don't miss out on the savings! 

How to Store Water — The Best Containers — Water Storage Myths

Water storage is THE MOST important preparation we can make. Definitely food is important, but we need water to cook that food, water to drink, clean, and to grow our food.


4 Best Ways To Purify Water — From Any Source

It is becoming necessary on a daily basis to purify water in some parts of the world — and maybe even right out of your tap.

It's especially important in the event of a disaster to know how to purify water.

If electrical power is non-existent due to a catastrophe, even tap water will not flow.

So it's important to know where to find water sources within your home as well as outside.


Where to Find Water in an Emergency

The most frequently asked questions about water storage are:

  • How do you purify water for storage?
  • Where am I going to store it? It takes up a lot of space and it's heavy.
  • How much IS enough?

A person can survive without food for several weeks...


Katadyn Water Filter: Clean Water Always Available

It's a very cool little water purifier and I know we'll always have pure drinking water by owning it.

It has so many uses:

  • take it camping or backpacking;

  • handy for people who just don't have enough room to store huge containers of water;

  • guarantees clean drinkable water any time, any place.


Water Purifiers: 48 Seconds to Pure Water

SteriPEN Purifiers are the smallest, lightest and easiest to use purifiers on the market. They are fast, small and can destroy over 99.9% of all waterborne bacteria, microbes and viruses including E-Coli, Giardia, Crypto, Cholera, Hepatitis, Influenza, Salmonella, and dozens more!


How to Shut Off Utilities In An Emergency

In case of a disaster of any type, it may be necessary to learn how to shut off utilities to avoid further damage to your family or your home.

  • How to Shut Off Your Gas in an Emergency
  • How to Shut Off Your Water in an Emergency
  • How to Shut Off Your Electricity in an Emergency


Best Water Storage Containers

There are many types of water storage containers, all shapes, all sizes, some with spigots, some without. These are just a small sample of available containers (found on Amazon). If storing water for drinking, make sure they are food grade containers.

30 gal water barrel
14 gal water brick
5 gal container

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