Where To Start

I know — food storage, survival planning, gathering survival supplies, survival skills — it all seems overwhelming. Every day there are headlines in the news that "should" motivate each of us to prepare as quickly as we can.

Survival planning isn't just for "the other guy." Adversity can happen to any of us. Unemployment, hurricane season, floods, storms that knock out power, and other disasters happen fairly often — somewhere in the world.

Where do you want to start:

Start Your Food Storage

  • Creative Small-Space Solutions for Your Food Storage

    Not everyone has the space to store years of food and survival supplies. Next to the lack of money, adequate space with the correct temperature for food storage is the greatest challenge many of us face when we decide to begin our food storage.

  • How to Use Powdered Eggs in Everyday Cooking

    Whole powdered eggs can be used in recipes where whole eggs are called for. One of my favorite things about powdered eggs is that you always have eggs when you're ready to cook.

  • The Truth About Storing Sugar

    Since there are several forms of sugar, all different in texture, color, and usage, we'll cover how to store sugar by the different types.

Store and Purify Water

  • Where to Find an Emergency Water Supply

    How to find an emergency water supply. How do you purify water for storage? Where am I going to store it? It takes up a lot of space and it's heavy. How much IS enough for my family? How much per day per person?

  • How to Store Water — Containers & Myths

    How to store water: Water storage is THE MOST important preparation we can make. Definitely food is important, but we need water to cook that food, water to drink, clean, and to grow our food.

  • 4 Best Ways to Purify Water From Any Source

    It is becoming necessary to learn water purification methods for safe drinking water in most parts of the world — and maybe even right out of your tap.

Survival Skills You Need

Preparing for Disasters

  • Preparing For Disasters

    Learn about disaster preparedness and how to survive, whether at home and in the wild, to ensure your family is prepared.

  • Emergency Shelter, Safe Room, or Evacuate?

    Emergency shelters can be any place or structure that gives protection. While it can be a tent, a cave, a lean-to, or an underground shelter, hopefully in a crisis, it can still be your home.

  • Prepping Ideas For Cold Winter Days

    Prepping in winter? Yes! There are plenty of ways to continue prepping in winter, even though the garden has been put to bed and it's too cold to go anywhere.

Survival Gear Needs

  • Why You Should Replace Your Old Flashlights

    Flashlights are a pretty mundane subject to most people, at least they used to be. With the invention of the white LED, flashlights have become revolutionary devices, especially for Preppers.

  • Stay Informed With an Emergency Radio

    An emergency radio powered by solar, batteries, wind-up, and electricity is a vital item in the event of a catastrophe to keep in contact with the outside world.

  • Test Your Survival Gear - Go Camping!

    You've spent the money to buy survival gear you might need when the 'stuff hits the fan'. Are they still in boxes fresh from the store? Now is a great time to unpack and test them.

Shopping Sources

More than 80 pages of lists to help you get organized and ready for anything. 


How to Create and Configure An Off-Grid Power System With a Portable Solar Generator


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