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Mortgage rates have increased by nearly 6%.

Stock market has plunged of over 20% and have left those with investments like 401ks scrambling.

Grocery store prices have skyrocketed nearly 10% since this time last year.

And gas...we don't even have to say it.

Where is the relief? Our government has buried itself so deeply in debt that they've run out of cards to play. Prices are not going back down. We must quickly learn to adapt and navigate this new terrain and position ourselves ahead of the curve like always.

The time is now to start inflation-proofing your lifestyle and make the necessary investments now that cannot be affected by any magnitude of government policy or overreach.

A perfect example of this is long-term food storage. A 25-year investment that is guaranteed to hold its value and will remain unchanged despite the labor shortages and supply chain issues in this country.

Solid investments are few and far between in today's economy so put your money into something you can trust.

Wise Tip:
Once you lock in today's prices, you've secured an inflation-proof, reliable food source for the next 25 years.

Valley Food Storage has food in-hand and available today for an order of any size. Add some protein to your stock, or beef up your calorie count with a 525 Serving Kit. The options are endless.

Where do you want to start:

Start Your Food Storage

Store and Purify Water

Survival Skills You Need

Preparing for Disasters

Survival Gear Needs

Shopping Sources

  • Book of Prepping Lists

    Are you struggling to prepare your family? Have you thought to yourself, 'If I only had a list, I could really wrap my head around all this prepper stuff'."

  • Emergency Survival Supplies

    Besides adding to your own emergency preparedness supplies, remember what great gifts they make for family and friends.

  • How To Cook With a Solar Oven

    Cooking with a solar oven can save money on electricity in normal times and provide hot meals when there is no electricity.

More than 80 pages of lists to help you get organized and ready for anything. 


How to Create and Configure An Off-Grid Power System With a Portable Solar Generator


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