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Financial Survival
In An Insecure World

Financial survival is a concern to most of us, especially given the economic conditions of the world, the fear of a market crash, inflation, and hints of war.

Invest in emergency food storage now and enjoy peace of mind for the next 25 years. Don't miss out on the savings! 

There are always bills to pay, mouths to feed, and, hopefully, no big financial hits to surprise us.

It's all about planning. Inflation is real, even if the government denies it. But we're the ones doing the shopping — we know different — we see the rising prices.

Read more about how to increase your financial security right now with the helpful articles below.

5 Specific Reasons Why You Should Stockpile Food Right Now

It's been decades since we Americans have had to worry too much about inflation at the grocery store. Oh, sure, prices go up a bit every year, but now, it seems to be getting serious. 

In most of my lifetime the supermarkets have always been full of plenty of food products. We have been SO blessed. 

Unfortunately, things are now changing, and not for the better. 

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Every Prepper Needs to Stockpile 
Emergency Cash

As important as food, water, and weapons are when preparing, having a stash of emergency cash is just as vital.

You know life is unpredictable. Cars break down for many reasons — yes, that car that you need to get to work every day. Do you have the cash to fix it? Children get sick or hurt. Medications get more expensive [...]

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How To Survive A Financial Emergency

Do you have a "normalcy bias"? Of course you do! We all do.

We want everything to stay the same. We want to go on working our jobs, raising our families, watching the our favorite football team win, and taking a vacation now and then.

But believing that things will never change is a form of delusion that is totally irrational; however, psychologists say it is necessary for our survival. Our brains won't actually let us believe that a disaster can happen — not to us!

That's when our rational minds need to take over! 

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3 "Must Have" Funds to Ensure Financial Security

Living frugal is more than just "tightening your belt" or deprivation and just barely making ends meet. It's about:

  • taking care of the possessions you have;
  • having a family budget and sticking to it;
  • cutting expenses as much as possible;

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20 Easy Money-Saving Tips

These easy money-saving tips were compiled to help you with your financial survival planning. Because of the uncertainty of the economy in the world, it is necessary for us to live as frugally as we can.

Frugal living means budgeting carefully in order to keep food on the table, pay bills on time, and have a little (or a lot) left over to acquire [...]

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8 Ways to Survive a Financial Crisis

There are three types of financial crises that can happen at any time: currency crises, banking crises, and debt crises.

And, unlike a heart attack, financial crises don't just appear out of nowhere. They can be diagnosed ahead of time.

So, knowing this, doesn't it make sense to create a plan before a crisis hits?

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10 Proven Penny-Pinching Ways to Save for Food Storage

There are some people who can just buy outright a year's worth of freeze-dried or dehydrated food and be done with it. Probably, like you, I'm not one of those people. I can afford to buy a little here and a little there.

So how can you accumulate food storage when your budget is tight or you're just starting out? I'll list 10 of my favorites and then I would love to hear your suggestions at the end of this article.

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Step-by-Step Plan to Fill Your Pantry Using Only Your Grocery Budget

Take control of your grocery budget and meet your goal of a fully stocked preparedness pantry. Saving money by controlling your grocery budget begins as your next payday approaches.

You may think your grocery budget can't possibly be stretched even one more inch to incorporate stocking up into it. I can tell you that it can! Just follow this step-by-step program and you will find your [...]

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Ways to Save Money on Groceries . . . And It's Not About Couponing

We all know that food is expensive and getting more so all the time. So to save money on groceries, we need just a bit of planning and a lot of awareness.

I find that the most important step in controlling my grocery budget is to become familiar with regular prices in order to recognize a good bargain when I see one. Knowing regular prices allows you to know [...]  

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Strategies to Save Money on Health Care

We're exploring strategies to save money on health care because your financial survival will definitely effect your family's health issues.

We are all aware of the cost of health care and prescription drugs. The loss of a job or your life's savings can have a significant effect on your health...

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