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Sharpen Your Survival Skills

Sharpen Your Survival Skills

Today's conveniences, services and electronics are wonderful. These wonderful conveniences allow us more time to spend with family, growing a business, socializing, or enjoying leisure time.

But if the "merry-go-round" of easy electricity, access to water out of the tap, and food from the grocery store on the corner is disrupted for any reason, most of us will not have the skills to survive — let alone thrive — in a disaster situation.

The time to learn them is NOW — before a crisis rears its ugly head.

12 Survival Skills You Can Develop or Improve This Weekend

No good movies to see this weekend? Too expensive to go out to dinner? The weather sucks so outdoor activities are out too?

Put your weekend to good use — try to develop or improve all or some of these survival skills. You'll be glad you did it, either now or later. Some could even become a regular habit or activity. [...]


Take the Survival Preparedness Challenge!

A disaster can strike with little or no warning at any moment. If you aren’t already prepared, disaster can turn into a tragedy. How will you and your family cope with it?

Do you have a plan?


Vegetable Gardening Tips: Growing Your Own Groceries

Although this web site is not specifically a gardening site, I hope these vegetable gardening tips will encourage you to learn the survival skill of gardening and the benefits of increasing your preparedness supplies and abilities. [...]


Best Ways to Cook a Hot Meal in a Power Outage

How have you prepared for survival cooking so that your family will have a hot meal if there is no electricity?

During World War II, the army discovered that men fighting in the bitter cold would do well if they had one hot meal a day. Without it, they would die from living out in the cold. In certain disastrous situations, your family needs a hot meal also. Let's list the ways you can [...]


Easy Food Preservation At Home

Home food preservation is much easier now than back in the olden days when there was no electricity, no refrigeration, and no grocery stores around the corner.

Back then they preserved food just to survive another day — not to plan for food storage 25 years down the road. So why would we want to go back to the "olden days" of [...]


Survival Medicine For Grid Down Survival

The purpose of learning about survival medicine is, as we all know, because "stuff" happens.

While we're busy gathering food, water, and other survival supplies, it is important to know what to do if medical help and supplies are not available? 


What the Elderly Can Teach Us About Survival Skills

I love hearing stories from my parents of their life before I was born. Don't you?

My mother tells how, as a young girl, her mother worked at a department store and her father did all the cooking, cleaning, gardening, and raising chickens, even though he also had a job.


Learning to Make Bread Is Not Difficult

I believe that learning to make your own bread is a necessary survival skill.

There are plenty of recipes out there for using stored wheat, but nothing is as delicious and wholesome as whole wheat homemade bread.

I learned how to bake bread as a young mother with small children for three main reasons:


Make Your Own Jerky At Home

I did it! I finally got up the nerve to try making my own beef jerky.

Why did I decide to try it? Two reasons: 1) It's quite expensive in the stores, and 2) store-bought may contain bht, sodium nitrates or msg. (Note: Soy sauce contains sodium benzoate, which is a preservative, but is not a nitrate.)


Bartering in a Post-Disaster Scenario

Picture some natural disaster, such as an earthquake or hurricane, where most everything is broken or wiped out. The stores will be closed. Electricity will be interrupted. Most everything would stop in today's technologically-dependent world.

Many believe that Kokopelli was not just a trader but also a story teller as well as a messenger, bringing information and news gathered from other tribes. Also somewhat of a musician, Kokopelli announced his arrival (securing his identity and safety) by playing his flute as he approached [...]


Portable Toilet for Emergency Sanitation

A portable toilet (port-a-potty) comes in handy as emergency sanitation or for camping. Sure beats the dig-a-hole-then-cover method!

Having some sort of port-a-potty may be one of the most important and least thought of aspects of survival planning. One of the most unpleasant aspects of an emergency situation comes from the need to answer [...] 


Self Reliance Will Save Us - Not FEMA

It's been months since the devastation of hurricanes Harvey, Irma, and Maria, and still there are many who are suffering, homeless, without electricity, food, and water. More self reliance could have saved many people, but FEMA will not and cannot save people.

I don't think most people understand exactly FEMA does and does not do, what their responsibilities are, and how they do help during a disaster.


What do you think?

I’d love to hear what you have to say in the comments.​​

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