Article Submission Guidelines

I am not accepting guest posts from Content Marketers at this time. If you are trying to promote a company or product or if you represent another party, please do not email me.

This opportunity is for bloggers or other writers looking for exposure to my audience. If you are a professional writer, there is the possibility of a paid writing position but you must be a very close fit.

If you are a blogger who just wants to help others learn from your journey and you enjoy writing, continue to read.

Acceptable Topics for

  • Food storage preserving methods, i.e. freezing, canning, fermenting, pickling, curing and smoking.
  • Recipes using shelf stable ingredients (freeze-dried, canned, dehydrated)
  • Dehydrating recipes and methods
  • Experience with root cellar storage
  • Frugal food storage ideas
  • Foraging for food: what is safe to eat, where to find food, ways to prepare it.
  • Medical ideas in survival situations, i.e. first aid, herbal remedies, etc.
  • Survival skills - DIY (do it yourself) (including gardening)
  • Survival equipment reviews.
  • Financial survival

Other Ideas:

  • Are you an active prepper, or just starting off? 
  • Have you built your supplies from the bottom up? 
  • Do you live in the city but know all the secrets of vertical gardening or container gardening? 
  • DIYers who can share projects with others.
  • Stories, tips, and survival hacks.

Article Requirements

Just a few basic requirements:

  • Must be original - All articles must be 100% original content, not copied from anywhere else. All articles are tested for plagiarism. Authors committing plagiarism will have their articles rejected and their current and future articles automatically rejected and/or removed.
  • Required Word Count - Articles must be at least 600 words (no maximum). Articles that are padded with unnecessary words will not be accepted.
  • Articles cannot include your affiliate links.
  • You must include 2 original photographs (one must be 700px x 500px).

Your article may be edited for various reasons such as grammar, spelling, and SEO. (Search engine optimization means the page is designed and worded in such a way that search engines will be more likely to pick up the page and rank it highly in its visitors' searches.)

Though I may make a few changes, your main message will not be altered, nor will your article be completely rewritten in any way.

What You Get

  • A link within your article to an article on your blog that may be related.

  • A short bio (written by you) at the end of your article with a link to your home page.

Please fill out the contact form below. Tell us a bit about you and what it is you do, and what you have to offer! 

Article Submission Form

Please note that all fields followed by an asterisk must be filled in.

We welcome preppers of all kinds, and we want you to be a part of our community.

You will be notified of acceptance or rejection within two days of submission.

Joan Crain