Unrealistic for me

by Tammy

I have never in my life bought wheat. The only cornmeal I’ve ever bought is a box of Jiffy cornbread. A 5 lb bag of flour will last me about 3 years. What in the world would I do with all this wheat, flour, and cornmeal that I don’t even know how to use? This calculator is completely unrealistic. I’m not suddenly going to become Betty Crocker in a state of emergency. All the calculators I have found are like this. These must be made up by a man…Here ya go little lady, fix us up some grub. How do I figure out how much of the foods I could actually use, to stock up for 1 year?

Joan, Admin.

The most important rule-of-thumb for food storage is to "buy what you eat", which, for you would likely be canned foods, frozen foods (assuming you will always have electricity), and some freeze-dried foods just in case there is no food in the stores sometime in the future (up to 25 years).

I agree with you that food storage calculators do not take into consideration situations like yours. The easiest way for you to know what to stock for 1 year would be to keep track of what your family eats for 1 week and multiply by 52, or 1 month and multiply by 12.

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