Hydrogenated Oils

by Walter Bliss, Lab Manager/ Personal Care Chemist
(Niles, MI)

If the oil is "fully" hydrogenated it does not contain trans fats. All of the double bonded carbon atoms will be converted to single bonds and there will be no trans fats. It is safe. So many people do not understand this fact. It is actually hard to create trans fats with "partial" hydrogenation. The heating and hydrogenation process has to be stopped at the right moment to produce partially hydrogenated cooking oil that was used to deep fry for most of the 1900's. However now we know trans fats are sticky and stick to the walls of our blood vessels. So we don't use "partially hydrogenated" cooking oil. In fact I don't know that you can even find partially hydrogenated cooking oil anywhere in any store. So no trans fats then. Here are a couple of numerous online links that explain it:


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