Other ways to use wheat

by Janet

Been using wheat in daily meals for years.
A few ways I've come up with.....

- Creamy wheat cereal with butter n' honey
- Cracked wheat cooked for cereal and other uses
- Italian lentil wheat stew
- Wheat chili
- Golden wheat patties (even my meat loving men like these)
- Whole wheat crepes
- Wheat 'sausage' patties
- Wheat muffins
- Meatballs in sauce (uses cooked cracked wheat to extend the ground beef)
- Taco meat (part cooked cracked wheat, part ground beef...very tasty)
- Wheat salad
- Carrot n' wheat-sprout salad
- Mexican wedding cookies (I use part wheat instead of nuts)
- Gingerbread with lemon sauce
- Noodles (we like just part wheat flour in our noodles)

Joan - Admin

Wow! Awesome, Janet! Thanks for sharing.

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