Save Money On Prescriptions

by Mark (one of our readers)
Bluffton, SC

I was unlucky enough to be unemployed, and uninsured while needing blood pressure and cholesterol medications.

My wife has Multiple Sclerosis, she also lost her main coverage when I became unemployed, although she has Medicare. 

Invest in emergency food storage now and enjoy peace of mind for the next 25 years. Don't miss out on the savings! 

I am using a program called Together Rx Access  and I could not believe it, but my costs for medication were actually lower, sometimes substantially lower, than my co-pays when I had insurance! My wife's medications were also lower! One caveat, not ALL medications are covered, but quite a few. 

Also, for anyone who has a condition such as Multiple Sclerosis, or any other lifelong ailment, some medications are CRAZY expensive. Contact the manufacturer of the drug in question, and see if a program is available to help. My wife's interferon based injections cost $2000-$2300 MONTHLY, and through a program offered through the manufacturer we pay $50.00 per YEAR! 

Good Luck & Good Health

Another Drug Card 
by: Jean-Luc 

I have had good success with a prescription discount card called RxDrugCard.

They have their drug prices posted on their website so you can compare with what you pay now. Great customer service too.

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