Store Fresh Eggs Without Refrigeration

by Karena Andrusyshyn
(Ottawa Canada)

Frankly, fresh eggs that have never been refrigerated are much better tasting, and any eggs can be stored outside the fridge for more than 6 months. I have firsthand knowledge. I learned this in Fairbanks, Alaska, where we got our last delivery of eggs about October 15th in the 60s, and our next delivery would be in mid-March. We bought a box of eggs and they had not been refrigerated. I put mine in the bottom of a cool dark closet, and once per week I took them all out and turned each egg over individually and then put them back. I never lost an egg. They were not fertilized. I have done the same here in Canada, as I had to go very far to get unrefrigerated eggs, so only went once per month.

I do not know how well this would work with a fertilized egg, but it would not likely develop a chick. Hope not. I do not think it would be pleasant for most. I was honored once in Beijing with an expensive unborn chicken for each person at the dinner table. I did not know until I bit into it, thank goodness. I was able to smile and choke it down and did not suffer from nausea. I will never eat another. ARRGGHH!

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