8 Unconventional Uses for Milk

by Anonymous

There’s nothing better than a nice, fresh-tasting glass of milk to go along with those cookies. But did you know that you can get multiple uses out of that milk? You can use it for cleaning, first-aid, shaving and many other things.

Powdered milks can also play a great role in helping you around the house. Not only do they taste great and are prepared by just adding cold water, they can come in handy while treating bites or removing ink stains.

Make Frozen Fish Taste Fresh
If the fish from your freezer is tasting a little old, just allow it to thaw in a bath of cold milk. The milk will freshen up the fish and make it taste better.

Milk Repair Cracked China
Remember that fine china you got from you grandmother that broke? Don’t throw it away, try and repair it! Place the finely-cracked dish in a pan and cover it with milk. Slowly bring the pan to a boil. As soon as it start to boil, lower the heat and allow to simmer for about 45 minutes. The protein in the milk should fix many cracks.

Soothe bites
If your skin got burned out in the sun, let milk help! Milk is a great way to sooth skin from burns or bug bites. Mix one part powdered milk with two parts water and add a pinch of salt. Rub the mixture on your burn or bite. The enzymes in milk powder will help neutralize the pain.

Clean Leather
You can care for your patent leather purses or shoes by just dabbing on a bit of milk and letting it dry. After it’s dried, buff it with a soft cloth.

Remove Ink Stains
Soak your clothes in milk bath overnight to get out pesky ink stains. All you have to do is wash it like usual the next day.

Hand Care
You can use milk to care for those callused hands of yours. Apply cold milk to hardened spots. If the spots continue, be sure to apply it more often – something like 3 times a day – for best results.

Shaving Cream
Powdered Milk works best for this. Take a generous amount of powdered milk and mix it with a bit of water. When it’s formed into a thick paste, apply it to your face and shave. It might not be as smooth as shaving cream but it gets the job done and protects your skin.

Enhance Corn Flavor
Next time you’re making corn on the cob, be sure to get out the milk! Add a bit of milk to the pot while you’re boiling your corn (along with other optional ingredients). You’ll notice that the corn has a fuller, more rich taste.

What do you use milk for?
Have you found any interesting uses for milk? Comment below and let us know!

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