Survival Tips and Topics

Survival Tips and Topics

Survival Tips and Topics is the place to come for tips and ideas on a variety of subjects that will help us all with our survival preparations.

We all need to know:

  • how to use food storage products in our every-day menus;
  • how some foods can be used for cleaning, beauty products, or first aid;
  • frugal ideas to help us survive in this economy or any crisis that may come our way;
  • innovative ways to communicate in a crisis;
  • . . . and more.

Well, this is the place to check out the lastest helpful ideas — so please visit often.

Invest in emergency food storage now and enjoy peace of mind for the next 25 years. Don't miss out on the savings! 

Frugal Food Storage Help

10 Proven Penny-Pinching Ways to Save for Food Storage 
There are some people who can just buy outright a year's worth of freeze-dried or dehydrated food and be done with it. Probably, like you, I'm not one […]

Food Stamps or Food Storage? 
The latest statistics surrounding food stamps and other food assistance are astonishing. According to a recent CNN money article, food stamp usage reached […]

Preparing for "Special Needs" Family or Friends

How to Prepare for “Special Needs” Family Members and Friends During a Crisis 
When you are making your emergency plans, if you have a special needs family member or friend, this is a critical item you will have to consider. This …

Crisis Communication Advice

Communication During Disasters 
I stumbled on your web site while doing some searches on things that interest me and browsed through your site. Liked what I read and was impressed about …

What About Our Pets

Pet Food for Long Term Storage
When you prepare for a disaster event, food is a critical item that you plan to provide your family among many other things. Many people can get overwhelmed

Food Products - Unconventional Uses

8 Unconventional Uses for Milk 
There’s nothing better than a nice, fresh-tasting glass of milk to go along with those cookies. But did you know that you can get multiple uses out of …

Helping Others Prepare

Getting Friends and Family 'On Board' 
I need help with helping friends, family, and extended family prepare. My immediate family (in our home) is fine. Friends, family and extended family …

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