Communication During Disasters

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I stumbled on your web site while doing some searches on things that interest me and browsed through your site. Liked what I read and was impressed about the massive amount of info you provide.

Then I went to your about this site page, read your bio and and liked what I read even more. The world would be a better place if there were more people like you...Don't know much about this SBI thing but if you can make money through it from just being you and providing the good quality info that you do I think its a good thing and more power to you.

I've a suggestion for you to help you round out your site...communications...when disasters happen communication breaks down.

I recall that when 9/11 happened I could not contact anyone by cell or land line even though I live in Colorado; and when Columbine happened phone lines were jammed as well. And even the various agencies that came to rescue had difficulty in communicating with one another in the critical first hours. They resorted to ham operators and even WWII crank-up land line wire phones that the Salvation Army had set up.

Some info on short wave CB and walkie-talkies and even pay as you go cell phones would serve well.

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Communication Problems
by: Ken L

During a crisis, especially one caused by a terrorist attack such as on 9/11, Homeland Security may shut down all cell phone systems to prevent terrorists from communicating with each other. The crisis may disable cell phone or wired phones services.

CB is fine for short distance communication, but Amateur Radio, requiring a license, will give you the longer distance you might require. Unlike a few years ago, a new "TECH" class license is available. Search your local area for a Amateur Radio Club, they are more than willing to help with the education needed.

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