Dud oxygen absorbers??

by Emma

Hi, can you tell me what you think of this. I packaged up 10 small mylar bags with 2kg of rice in each. I used 500cc oxygen absorber in each, and squeezed most of the air out. 6 of the bags vacummed up nicely and 4 did not. After several weeks I opened and inspected the oxygen absorbers in the bags that didn't suction up and found they were still pliable, like they hadn't worked. I left the sachets out all night on the bench and in the morning they were still free flowing. I openend them and tipped the contents out and there was no sign of rust reaction. Any idea what could be going on here, is there such thing as dud oxygen absorbers, ie they just don't work. I am now afraid to seal any more food, as I can't be sure that these things work.

Kind Regards

Unfortunately, yes, there can be dud oxygen absorbers. But don't be afraid to use them. If you get a dud, just use a new O2 absorber and seal the package again.

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