Grid Down Preps: 
Practical Alternatives and Solutions for Surviving Without Electricity

America's power grid is aging and Congress has known this for years. Reams of federal agency reports have been presented that confirm that if a man-made attack (cyber war, terrorists), a solar event, or weather, took down the electrical grid, thousands or even millions of Americans will die.

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A long term grid collapse will precipitate all other disasters you can think of: starvation, freezing, lack of water, sanitation related illnesses, medical issues and lack of medicines, and civil unrest.

It doesn’t honestly matter HOW the grid goes down. And it is no longer a matter of IF the grid will go down; it is a matter of WHEN. Terrorists have already tried — more times than we have heard about.

But if you already have a preparedness mindset and are diligently preparing, you’ll fare better than the average person.

Ask yourself these questions to get you started on what you really need:

  • How will you get food when the grocery stores are empty?

  • If you have or find food, how will you cook it?

  • How can you save the perishable food in your refrigerator and freezer?

  • Winter cold or summer heat, how will you heat or cool your home?

  • What will you use for light once your candles are gone and your flashlight batteries are exhausted?

  • Will you have transportation if your vehicle no longer runs or the gas pumps no longer work?

  • Can you store enough water to drink, cook, and wash if the public water facilities are no longer working or if the pump on your well runs on electricity?

  • How will you dispose of waste, human and other?

Just consider how drastically your life will change if the grid is down for an extended time.

  • Interruptions and/or shut downs of businesses. 

  • Basic infrastructure will stop, such as communications (TV, Internet, cell phones), mass transportation, supply chains (trucks and trains that supply all commerce).

  • ATM machines will not operate.Schools, workplaces, government and other public facilities may close.

  • Clean drinking water may be a big issue.

So let's get to the resources that will help you prepare.


Where to Find the Products You Need:

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What Grid Down Preps do you have?

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