Can We Survive World War 3?

Do you believe it's coming? Will it come to our/your country? How can we prepare?

If World War 3 does break out, it will not be exactly like World War 2. However, we don't know "exactly" what it will look like either. I'm sure you've read other articles about WW3 coming, but you know and I know, everyone is just speculating.

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Yes, most are aware of which countries have nuclear capabilities, but what we don't know is — will they use their arsenals? Will we? Who would be first to set off a nuclear bomb? (Right now we all suspect it will be North Korea as they are continually "rattling their swords" — but maybe not.)

Will there be shortages of consumer goods and food?

On this subject, I would speculate a big YES. During World War 2, the first product to be rationed was rubber tires. Then . . .

The War Production Board (WPB) ordered the temporary end of all civilian automobile sales on 1 January 1942, leaving dealers with one half million unsold cars. Ration boards grew in size as they began evaluating automobile sales in February (only certain professions, such as doctors and clergymen, qualified to purchase the remaining inventory of new automobiles), typewriters in March, and bicycles in May.[3]:124,133–135 Automobile factories stopped manufacturing civilian models by early February 1942 and converted to producing tanks, aircraft, weapons, and other military products, with the United States government as the only customer.[5] As of 1 March 1942, dog food could no longer be sold in tin cans, and manufacturers switched to dehydrated versions. As of 1 April 1942, anyone wishing to purchase a new toothpaste tube, then made from metal, had to turn in an empty one.[3]:129–130 By June 1942 companies also stopped manufacturing metal office furniture, radios, phonographs, refrigerators, vacuum cleaners, washing machines, and sewing machines for civilians. [Source: Wikipedia]


We can be sure that there will be a shortage of medications just as there was during WW2. There may also be a shortage of doctors and nurses, depending on whether the draft is initiated as it was back then.

More crime?

And speaking of the draft, crime decreased during WW2. Why? Most crimes were committed by teens and young adults (17-30) and these were the ages of those inducted into the armed services. Those who, for one reason or another, were not able to serve, filled the jobs and unemployment plummeted. With paychecks coming in, it was not necessary to turn to crime, at least for the purpose of feeding a family or needing money. Sure, crime still happened — it always does, sadly.

What Our Readers Have Said:

I'm always interested in what my readers have to say about any subject. This is an important one and one we all hope will never happen. But if it does, I asked them a set of questions to hear their opinions. Here are the questions I asked:

  1. If World War 3 were to break out, how do you believe it would affect you and your family? 

  2. If World War 3 were to break out, how do you believe it would affect the average American? 

  3. What challenges do you think we would face here – in this country? 

  4. What shortages do you predict would occur? 

  5. How would you prep for this? 


If WW 3 Broke out how would it affect the average American 

by mike 

(Harrisburg, Pa, USA)

Here on the East Coast when the Weather Service predicts a Major snow storm, people panic and rush to the grocery stores and buy a week worth of food. 

If the average person had 48 hours to buy everything they could, and truck transportation would stop. There would be no food available after that. 

Within two weeks, there would be major looting and home invasion. 

Within 3 weeks 20 percent of the population would be dead. Nursing Home residents, people that need medications, prisoners, non-preppers and liberals. After 6 months 80 percent of Americans would be dead.

It Depends

by Linda 
(Whidbey Island, WA)

  1. On where it breaks out. Our economy yes, is tied to most other developed countries, however not to North Korea's, and the leader there is even crazier than our own! 

  2. If war breaks out on US soil it would require an enormous retaliation. If it breaks out on one of our allies we might not be affected nearly as much. We would be in with our allies fighting. 

  3. It depends on how the fighting is done. A nuke for a nuke? It would be over rather quickly. But sending troops to continue what wasn't finished in the 1950s would affect us more personally. 

  4. What would be rationed? While fighting on one front would another enemy declare war (as Hitler did) thinking we were too weak to hit back? My worry is that we don't have the heavy industries we had in years gone by that make steel, aluminum, all those computer ships and new things we get from China! 

  5. In war, we Americans have always banded together because we knew what the agenda was. We didn't flounder with our heads in a phone or the clouds. We found purpose and suddenly it became very clear that we were saving our democracy from evil. I think that same spirit would arise again.

If there was World War 3... 

by Tammy 
(Billerica Mass USA)

It would be crazy people running to find shelter, stealing what they can to live I am sorry to say. 

But if there was World War 3 .. there is no way to prepare for it. Everything and everyone would die.. and if you think you could go underground and live for years, glad you have the $$$$$ to do it because most people don't.

Concerns about increasing world tensions

by Carl 
(Little Rock, AR USA)

  1. I believe that any world war would have an almost immediate impact on my family. As a family on a fixed income: military retirement, VA disability, social security, I can see the government severely reducing or eliminating benefits. Concurrently, I suspect that inflation and rising costs of almost everything will create additional hardships.

  2.  As stated above, the economic aspects will land on everyone. Assuming that the conflict is being fought overseas, world war III would cause the draft to be activated decreasing the labor force as well as rationing of virtually all consumer items so the resources may be directed to support the war effort. If the war were to become nuclear, with strikes against major US cities - all bets are off. Everyone that survives will be thrust into a daily survival effort. Government assistance and services, if any, would be slow and largely inadequate to meet the overwhelming demands of the remaining population. The entire country, regardless of economic status, will be subject to shortages, absence of leadership and tremendous security issues.

  3. I believe that the US will no longer enjoy the security of a country separated from the rest of the world by oceans. In past wars we have been able to basically sit it out regarding war's destruction, we will no longer have that luxury. 

  4. I would expect there to be shortages of virtually everything - food, fuel, energy, security etc. The shortages will begin almost immediately as our population learns the hard truth about not being prepared for self-survival. Shortages will begin with food and fuels and escalate to almost all aspects of our life in fairly quick order. 

  5. The problem is that we can't prepare for all potential considerations - there's simply too many. What we do is to direct our efforts towards prepping in general - initial efforts are for food, medical, security, and what I call luxury. The greatest problem is the reality that everything we have is finite. At some point, you'll eat your last can of beans, snuff out your last candle and fire your last round of ammunition. Consequently, we are beginning to direct preps to what will be needed after year one e.g. seeds, archery equipment, survival crafts, etc.

There Would Be Much Chaos

by S.H. 

  1. If World War 3 were to break out, how do you believe it would affect you and your family?
    I would probably be concerned for my sons – but fortunately – I think they are all past the age of drafting. I would also think that the possibility of life as we know it would be coming to an end. My husband thinks it will be the final occurrence before the second coming of the Savior.

  2. If World War 3 were to break out, how do you believe it would affect the average American?
    The average American would probably get very agitated and run around trying to store and hoard things that they might think would be in short supply - though many would not even be aware of what is happening until it is too late to react.

  3. What challenges do you think we would face here – in this country? Managing the mob mentality and the hysteria which often accompanies a disaster – but I think it would also be a time when many would willingly step up to help one another. If the War would be in our land – of course, the transportation of people and goods would be seriously impacted, shelter, food, medical treatment, and hospitals would all be interrupted. Our communication would also be affected.

  4. What shortages do you predict would occur?
    Food resources – possibly because of transportation and also people fearing they would be left without food. Also, medical supplies, prescription medications, and people to manage all our resources would probably be impacted.

  5. How would you prep for this?
    Unfortunately, we in our house – procrastinate our preparation by adopting the attitude that it can’t happen to us. Well, we actually know that it can, so we have stored food and water and some other necessities, but we haven’t taken full advantage of the many emergency planning resources that are available. We have a long way to go if World War III comes soon. One thing I plan to do is to gather all our documents and other information needed for our family to know.

 I Would Probably Panic

by L.J. 

  1. I think first of all I would panic because I am not prepared and then I would definitely worry about my son because he is worse off than we are. And yes I would be scared. Then I would try to contact my family and find some way we could come together. and face thing together.

  2. I think the average American would go into a frenzy and start buying everything out and there would be chaos everywhere and people mostly would have no regard for anyone else until their needs were met. Most people would go into a self-preservation mode at any cost. Then there are those that would destroy things, loot, protest, form gangs, and go into the "poor me why am I being picked on" mode.

  3. I think militarily this country is more than prepared but keeping order would be the biggest challenge. 

  4. Gasoline, food, water, guns ammo everything necessary for everyday living.

  5. I have to say I would prepare by stockpiling paper goods, hygiene and first aid items, garbage bags, disinfectants, bleach, soap, rubber gloves, masks. Not to be forgotten of course is food and things I could trade. Quite frankly, if you followed the advice of the Bosnian survivor you would be in fairly good shape. I love all his ideas. Have I done it? Some. My husband says he would for sure stock up on cigarette lighters, maybe some booze for trading, and guns and ammo, some kind of radio, extra batteries, flashlights, maybe some gold or silver etc. I would have a plan to get out of the city asap and go to a remote area.

We Would Be Scared 

by A.M. 

1. I'm not sure. I think it would affect us emotionally. We would be scared. 

2. I think a lot of people would get crazy and start stealing and looting. 

3. It might be a challenge to find food or shelter or everyday luxuries. 

4. Same answer as 3

5. Save cash. Have food storage. Have a gun or guns. Hide and be very cautious of everyone.

WW3 Is Not a Happy Subject

by Viv 

This isn't a happy thing to think about but could be a possibility. I asked my husband for his input since he is more into emergency preparedness now than I am. So here is his reply:

  1. If WW3 were to break out how do you believe it would affect you and your family?
    It definitely would depend on where it is being fought. Food storage would be needed. Items we get from other countries would be unavailable. The stores would soon be depleted by looters or sold out. There would soon be gas rationing. We may have to defend our supplies. Our grandchildren would be drafted. We would have to help our children. Having a support group would be essential, those on their own won't make it.This also means having families pull together.

  2. If WW3 were to break out how do you believe it would affect the average American? 

    Most people live strictly out of the grocery store. Again supplies would be quickly depleted. There would be starving people scrounging for food. There would be desperate people trying to get food and the necessities to survive.

  3. What challenges do you think we would face here in this country? 
    It would take 2 months for things to get organized, so we would be on our own until that happened. 72-hour kits or 3 months supply would be depleted quickly. The Church would more than likely pull together the foods to be distributed among each area.

  4. How would you prepare for this?
    We believe in food storage, Also having guns to protect ourselves with ammo. We are also trying to make the community more aware if there are emergencies and how to prepare.

  5. What shortages do you predict would occur? 
    Gas, fresh fruit & veg, meats, ammo, seeds to plant gardens.

This is a hard question

by D.M. 

First I don't think another world war will break out. The world economies are too interconnected. 

But if a world war were to break out, how it would affect my family is my oldest son would likely be drafted. 

How it would affect the average American is - minimally. Just like the wars in Iraq twice and Afghanistan families that were affected, or would be, are military families. The average American would just continue their day-to-day social media escape. 

Challenges at home would be war protests. Protests against the government for enacting certain wartime laws and restrictions. 

Shortages would depend on how long the war took to fight. In a war between big powers like China, Russia and us, it would last a while and food and fuel shortages would likely happen. But if it were to be in a smaller region like Iran or N. Korea it would be a brief war followed by similar strategies of occupation like we've already seen and shortages would be minimal. 

Haven't thought of preparing for a world war. If it happens, it happens and a way to survive would be available. (Already had to survive the financial meltdown and recession that followed so what happens, happens, and we'll find a way to get through it)

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