Do Government Policies
Affect Prepping?

Have you ever seen such a heated political climate as we've recently experienced here in the U.S.? I haven't — not in my lifetime. But no matter who sits in the White House, the government policies do affect nearly every aspect of prepping.

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Let me ask you a few questions:

  1. What natural disasters are most likely in your area?
  2. What personal disasters are most likely or imminent?
  3. What extreme weather events are common in your area?
  4. What man-made disasters do you think are most likely to affect you?

The usual answers might be floods, earthquakes, tornadoes, house and wildfires, job loss, and terrorist attacks.

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Think about the answers to these questions for a minute. Nearly every one of them is affected by government. How? Take Hurricane Katrina for example. Decisions made by FEMA and the federal government made a really terrible situation worse.

What about employment and unemployment? Taxes imposed upon us by government decrease our incomes. Many times the federal government has "cherry picked" industries to support or try to shut down, such as investing our tax dollars in a solar company that soon went bankrupt; or the Keystone and North Dakota pipelines that they chose to stop mid-construction.

I'm not saying these issues are right or wrong, but government affects the employment of those who would or could be employed by these projects.

Many, many times governments make decisions based on their political loyalties and political survival. Many decisions are unwise and, obviously, do not benefit the American people.

Maybe you've heard nightmare stories of families whose homes and livelihoods were devastated by some disaster, only to be stonewalled by government regulations that would not allow them to rebuild or even allow others to help them.

This isn't total condemnation of the entire government, but the facts remain — decisions and actions made by government absolutely affect lives during and after a crisis when help is desperately needed.

From finances to employment, choosing one group over another, deciding whether or not to act, and to what degree — everything government does affects every aspect of our lives no matter which party is in control of our government.

Does that make you nervous to think about? It sure does make me nervous.

That's why we all need to become as prepared as possible. Let's be the ones who can watch the "show" from the sidelines and know that our well-being doesn't depend on the government.

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