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I know — food storage, survival planning, gathering survival supplies, survival skills — it all seems overwhelming. Every day there are headlines in the news that "should" motivate each of us to prepare as quickly as we can.

Survival planning isn't just for "the other guy." Adversity can happen to any of us. Unemployment, hurricane season, floods, storms that knock out power, and other disasters happen fairly often — somewhere in the world.

When an emergency strikes, you won't have time to pack. With the Spring Season comes Hurricanes, Floods, and Electrical Storms that can leave us without the necessities. We created the VFS Emergency Pack so you'll never be without the essentials.

Where do you want to start:

Start Your Food Storage

Store and Purify Water

Survival Skills You Need

Preparing for Disasters

Survival Gear Needs

Shopping Sources

More than 80 pages of lists to help you get organized and ready for anything. 


How to Create and Configure An Off-Grid Power System With a Portable Solar Generator


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